About Me

 Hi! I'm Luke Slater! I'm a freelance videographer based in Springfield, MO. I began my video career in middle school with my family’s camera. I learned then how much power and emotion there is in videos. This is why I started Slater Visuals. I want to create videos that evoke feelings that cause the viewer to be inspired. I strive for perfection in any video I create. Every thing I video serves a purpose. Whether this is to accentuate a product, impact the viewer, or capture memories that will last forever.

     I believe that relationships play a key role in creating a video. When working with a client, I get to know their story and use that to create a video that not only shows a well-made product, but also displays the characteristics of the individuals behind the product. Everyone deserves to show off something they have worked hard at and built. There is a message that needs to be sent and that is what I aim to accomplish with the videos I create.

I can't wait to hear from you! Let's create something amazing together! 

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